What They Don't Tell You When You Graduate...

Tierra True

Finally, it's the day you've been waiting for...it's your graduation day. You Go Girl, You Did It!

 I was so eager to reach the finish line of this educational roller coaster, only to be abruptly awakened by the harsh reality of the "REAL WORLD." What they don't tell you on your graduation day is that you need to savor the moment. Savor this sweet moment of celebration and enjoy it... just TODAY, and when tomorrow comes, let it be a sweet memory. The day after graduation will begin the ultimate test. Everything that you've done the last four years has prepared you for this moment. What you choose to do every second after this day, will determine the projection of your life, so it is important that you choose these next steps very wisely.

Many of us are so accustomed to our next step in life being a progression from one grade level to another. But today, you have reached a fork in the road and you are faced with deciding what the next chapter of your life will read.

I thought I had my next chapter all figured out. I was accepted into one of the top business schools in Europe and I had hopes of packing my bags to begin my international career. But apparently my life draft needed much revision, because before I knew it life just crumbled up my plans and spit them right on the ground.

Girl,Just Face It!

What they don't tell you after graduation is that you are going to experience some major setbacks, setups and rejections that are going to HURT. Truthfully, I was devastated when I had come to terms with the fact that my "perfect life plan" had failed me. I felt embarrassed to report to my family and friends that I would be staying in St. Louis. I began to fear what my future would hold and every day I kept asking myself...well what now? 

Write and Revise.

Truth is: Life is about having a plan, but always being prepared for that plan to change. We are the authors of our lives, and every great story has been written, revised and rewritten time and time again. 

So Get this: Here I was..having a pity party about having to stay in St. Louis and then in the same week that I would have been on a flight to Madrid the news reported violence, riots and protests causing turmoil throughout Spain. I felt instant relief once I heard the news and I was happy to be in the safety of my hometown.

Trust the process. 

Sometimes we may not always understand why things are happening, but we must trust the process and put our best self forward each and every day. What they don't tell you on your graduation day is that you are not celebrating reaching the finish line. You are celebrating settling into the starting blocks of your life.