Recognizing the Queen in YOU


I asked a young girl the other day, "When you think of a queen, what is the image that comes to mind?" She responded, "a queen is a woman who wears a crown, she wears beautiful dresses and lives in a castle." I then asked her, "well, who is a queen that comes to mind?" She thought for a moment, then responded, "you know, like the Queen of England." 

I starred at the young girl for a moment and I said to her, "Do you know who you are?"  She said, "of course I do," and told me her name. I said, "well, did you know that YOU are a queen too?" She giggled for a moment at the thought and then walked away with a smile.

Have you gotten to know YOU lately?

We have all had moments where we've forgotten that ,we too, are royalty. Yes, YOU!!!

 A queen is not an inherited title for just a select few. A queen is not defined by her royal dress that she wears, because it is her royal walk that attracts the eye.

A queen is a woman of quality. She does not need a fancy crown for people to recognize her royal status.

A true queen is a woman that wears confidence as her crown.

She knows who is she, and what she wants. She is brave, she is bold and she is beautiful, because she has mastered the art of being her true self. 

I'm hoping this post has opened your mind and has opened your heart to truly begin accepting your greatness. I want to encourage you to declare your rightful place as queen of your world. We all could go through a little self-care boot camp, so my next couple of post will help whip you into self-care shape. It may feel uneasy at first, so lets start by adding a little affirmation to your morning routine. 

Exercise #1

I want you to look at yourself in the mirror and recite:

You are in the presence of a queen, this is my world. I am in control!

Try repeating this exercise again, but this this time with more confidence. 

Great job! You are off to a phenomenal start. Be on the lookout for my next self-care boot camp post for exercise #2.

Tierra True