Ready For Werk!


She's got style, she's got class and a whole lot of ambition. The only thing she's missing is a bomb BOSS LADY wardrobe.

If you are anything like me, you struggle to get ready for work in the morning and your closet has an abundance of black leggings and over sized sweaters. I noticed that so many women have this problem. We think that we can't afford to upgrade our wardrobe with work ready fashion. So, this week I set out on a mission to convince you otherwise.

We all have those neighborhood thrift stores that we never think to go in, mine happens to be my local Goodwill. Let me tell you...I must have been heaven sent to that store, because everywhere I turned there was something in my size! Before I knew it, I had a cart that was overflowing. I was nervous as I approached the register, because I was certain that I had outdone myself. My thrift store spree totaled to about $85 averaging about $3 per item.

Still not convinced that you can look like a boss on a budget...well I've included a few of my favorites to show you just how fabulous you could make $3 look.

Tierra True
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